Sean Marcia

Sean Marcia

Founder and CEO

Sean Marcia, pronouns he, him, his, founded Ruby for Good in 2013 to fill the gap created by inaccessible and uneconomical technology solutions for nonprofits. He built an inclusive community of gooders—technologists determined to make the world a better place—who build open source, technology solutions for individuals and nonprofits serving vital missions. Sean brings over two decades of software development experience in a variety of languages to his work at Ruby for Good. He is primarily responsible for leading Ruby for Good’s strategic growth plan, driving sustainability, building and managing partnerships, and providing fiscal and organizational oversight.

He has led national and international projects such as the Saving the Bees project at George Mason University, the Pompeii Research Database for the Pompeii Food and Drink Project, the Red Panda Machine Learning project for the Smithsonian Zoo Researchers, and the DiaperBase application which currently serves over 100 diaper banks and period supply organizations nationwide. He has organized several technology conferences like RubyNation, RetroRuby, and Python for Good and accepted invitations to speak at Railsconf, Rubyconf, Rubyconf Australia, Strange Loop, and Abstractions among others. Sean has also provided technical review for books such as Clean Ruby, Multitenancy with Rails, Upgrading to Rails4, and other titles.

Sean is a passionate zymurgist, avid coffee roaster, enthusiastic writer of screenplays, and connoisseur of practical jokes.

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