Ruby for Good 2024

May 30 - June 2

Our Event

The Ruby for Good DC Area Conference is an annual event based out of the DC metro area where engineers, designers, product managers, and other gooders from all over the globe get together over a long weekend to collaboratively build projects in service of our communities. Gooders stay on-site, and hacking and socializing takes place in communal areas. Questions? Check out the FAQ or drop us a note on Slack or via email at

This year we are returning to Shepherd's Spring Camp & Retreat Center in the woods, about an hour outside of DC. With the stress of the past few years, we want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the cities to a place where we can destress with our friends both new and old. Spending time in nature is good for you. Don't take it from us, that's just science! Plus, eating s'mores in front of a campfire after a day of civic hacking is pretty much the best thing ever.

We're very proud to once again be organizing the Ruby for Good DC Area conference. This conference, to our knowledge, is the first and currently only conference of this kind ever. We are bringing together technologists to learn, teach, and work on civic and open-source projects.

Why Sponsor?

By the very nature of our conference, our attendees are some of the most passionate, connected, and involved in the Ruby community. For companies looking to hire, this is an excellent opportunity to meet and interact professionally and socially with prospective candidates. By sponsoring, you are demonstrating your commitment to your community, open source, and the Ruby community as a whole.

Safety Information

For the safety of everyone, we are requiring that all attendees be fully vaccinated for COVID. If you experience cold, flu, COVID-19 symptoms, or any other illness within 5 days of the conference, please monitor your health closely. Ruby for Good may implement preventative health and safety measures at this event to reduce the spread of COVID-19. We will supply a limited number of COVID tests and will request that you take one if you are feeling unwell. If you test positive for COVID-19, we expect you to immediately leave the event and return home.

We also ask that you notify us if you test positive within 5 days following the event. We take the health, safety, and privacy of our Gooders very seriously. Please be assured that no identifying information will be shared among attendees if you report yourself as COVID positive during or following the event. The most important thing is keeping everyone safe and healthy!

Code of Conduct

Please take a moment to read our Code of Conduct. Violation of the code of conduct will not be tolerated.


Want to participate but need some help? We don't want money to prevent people from doing good. Apply for a scholarship here!