Why Is Skills-Based Volunteering Important?

Two women collaborating on a project.

Skills-based volunteering entails using the skills you specialize in to support the missions of nonprofits, while driving sustainability and building capacity. It is vital, since it provides you with an opportunity to support others in a very targeted and specific way, and effect change while making a difference in the world.

Skills-based volunteering enables you to connect with your community, get involved, and contribute to missions that are meaningful to you. Seeking and finding mission-driven work that resonates with you is incredibly gratifying.

It is also an opportunity to meet new people, incubate and explore stimulating new ideas, and build satisfying personal and professional relationships, while pairing with peers, learning from subject matter experts, mentoring fledgling technologists, building and developing new skills, experiencing new technical opportunities, growing your network, and building your resume.

What Makes Us Unique

We believe that volunteers are able to more fully engage in projects when they are able to connect with the non-profit organizations they are supporting, on a deeper level. Our work is mission-driven and dedicated to uplifting other nonprofits that fulfill essential needs in communities, and it is with that lens that we facilitate meetings and ongoing communication between volunteers and our non-profit organizations, which leads to long-term relationship building.

Fostering relationships, creativity, and growth is the foundation of all our volunteer experiences, and also what sets us apart from other organizations that aggregate volunteer projects. Our metrics on volunteer engagement speaks volumes, building a picture of contributors that come back time and again, over several years, and become loyal members of our community.

A woman gives a presentation, pointing to sticky notes on the wall, while her co-workers watch and take notes on their laptops.

Our Approach

People working together at a table with their laptops open and various other electronics out on the table.

We are centered around driving holistic business process change by leveraging tailored technology solutions that make non-profit missions sustainable.

Our process begins with immersing ourselves in understanding the challenges of our non-profit organizations, and our skills-based volunteering events are no different. We begin all our events by facilitating meetings with stakeholders, since we believe that the individuals who are driving critical missions at diaper banks, animal shelters, foster youth organizations, and conservation groups, to name a few, are best positioned to explain their needs and the impact of your volunteer service. This relationship continues when we wrap up events, as stakeholders use the tools and products built by you and your team, and share their thoughts and gratitude for the efficiencies and impact your work creates.

We even go one step further! Since we have long-standing relationships with the nonprofits, we follow up with them between three to six months after the event to get real time feedback on the improvements created by the technology solutions that were built by your team. We then report back to you on these updates, so the magnitude of your contributions are acknowledged, long into the future.

Facilitating Success

We are invested in your volunteering being a productive, successful, and meaningful experience. But most importantly, we want to ensure that you have fun!

We plan all of the logistics and details, put together information packages to set you up for success, and gather relevant data for reporting. We also design social media toolkits for our non-profit organizations, and for you, and work with your Communications team to cross-promote content, and ensure that your work is being highlighted, before, during, and after your time volunteering with us.

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