Our Non-profit Partners

We have earned the trust of diverse nonprofits, located nationwide, by learning about their needs and collaborating with them to deliver high quality software and technical solutions to build business efficiencies and streamline their processes.

We build meaningful, long-lasting relationships with our non-profit partners, and immerse ourselves in their business processes to gain an in-depth understanding of their challenges. This enables us to develop solutions that are customized to their needs to ensure that they have a solution that is designed for their specific industry and mission, which drives much more impact than out-of-the-box, generic solutions that are often on the market as the only viable option.

Events and Conferences

Ruby for Good hosts two events each year that brings together our incredible volunteer contributors to build technology solutions for our non-profit partners, learn from one another, and most importantly – have fun!

We also facilitate company off-sites where the Ruby for Good team works with teams from our corporate partner organizations to build technology solutions for our non-profit partners. These events vary in size from large gatherings with a hundred or more attendees, to smaller, more focused events with around dozen attendees.

Corporate Volunteering

We are delighted to work with organizations to provide their employees with meaningful volunteering opportunities. Here is more information on our volunteer packages:

All Inclusive Package

We facilitate all aspects of your skills-based volunteering event. From locating a stunning venue, to arranging for accommodations and necessities, we will ensure that the event is memorable for team members with diverse interests. Creative team building exercises and games, innovative pair-programming, meetings with stakeholders, and curated issues for developers, project managers, product managers, UX/UI specialists, designers, and content writers will all be a part of this holistic package, and most importantly, along with an entertaining, morale-building event your team will be contributing to incredibly meaningful impact in marginalized communities nationwide.

On-Site Package

Our Ruby for Good team will facilitate the event on site (at your offices), to provide a seamless volunteering event for all your team members. Our developers, product leads, and non-profit stakeholders will work on site, curate issues, manage project boards, and share the history and impact of projects while answering technical and non-technical questions.

Custom Package

Ruby for Good will curate issues, facilitate meetings with non-profit stakeholders, and ensure that your team has a memorable experience.

Would you prefer to combine some elements of each package to build a unique one of your own? Contact us to start building a volunteer package that fits the needs of your company.

Building Community

Ruby for Good is truly built and defined by all of the gooders that make up this exceptional community. Individuals from all over the world come together to build relationships, learn, mentor, innovate, and quite often, to simply have fun! From career support to game nights, and technical support to virtual hangouts, this is a one-of-a-kind space for everyone.

We are incredibly proud that our community is a space that is safe and welcoming for all, uplifts one another, and treasures inclusivity and diversity.

Want to share a meme that so good it’s bad, pair program, find your next business partner or career opportunity, or just sip your beverage of choice and play virtual board games?

Well, join us in our Slack channel and say hello!

Open Source

The technology solutions that we build for our non-profit organizations are nearly all created and maintained with open source software. Since we most often maintain, update, and provide support to our partners on our software solutions, we are always working to both build new solutions and maintain the ones that have already been launched.

Would you like to be a part of a deepening impact and supporting a new or ongoing project? Check out our Ruby for Good GitHub organization and learn more about the many ways that you can contribute and make a difference.